A New Milestone for the 1106 Graduates


36th Graduation

The 36th Graduation Ceremony of Hong Kong Shue Yan University was held on 2nd, 3 rd and 4th of December 2010, in the Lady Shaw Hall at the university campus in North Point. There were five sessions in the Graduation Ceremony. The Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Commerce sessions were held in the morning and the afternoon of 2nd and 3rd of December respectively. The Faculty of Social Sciences session was held in the afternoon of the 3rd of December. The Hon. Wong Yan Lung, Secretary for Justice, was the Guest of Honour at the Friday afternoon session.

This year, there were altogether 1,106 graduates of the university’s Bachelor’s degree programmes. Among them, 492 were from the Faculty of Business, 305 were from the Faculty of Social Sciences and 309 were from the Faculty of Arts.

The Bachelor’s degrees were conferred by Dr. Henry Hu, President of Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

Graduates 2010

Master’s degree graduation ceremony

The Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony for the Department of Business Administration was held at the Faculty of Commerce session of the Graduation Ceremony. The MBA programme is jointly offered by the University of Louisiana at Monroe (USA) and Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Dr. Donna Luse, Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration of the University of Louisiana at Monroe, came to Hong Kong to confer the degrees.

After the ceremony, graduates took pictures with their family members around the campus.

Graduates: Feel thankful

Mr. Sam Kuan, who graduated from the Department of Business Administration, said, ”In the past 4 years, my university life in Shue Yan was fruitful. The BBA programme helped me to understand myself better and I’ve gained a lot of professional knowledge here. For example, I have participated in the Lunar New Year fair. I have learnt a lot of commercial skills, like how to maximize the profit by minimizing the constraints. ”

Sam is now working as a personal banking service manager in Hang Seng Bank. He said he would try his best in his job. He thinks that the quality of professors in Shue Yan University is very high and he especially thanks his teacher Dr. Lee Shu Kam, who teaches Economics, for his professionalism and sincere desire to help his students to succeed.

Miss Chan Sin Kwan, who graduated from the Department of Social Work said, ”I feel so excited and I am proud of Shue Yan University!” This was how Sin Kwan felt when she attended the graduation ceremony.

When asked about the learning opportunities of her department, she said, ”Students in my department have a lot of chances to apply for social work posts in the different social service organizations. The working experience I gained in my practical training  as part of the BSW is memorable and it has helped me a lot in the real battle field of full-time employment.”

”I cherish every moment that I spent with my classmates. I can feel a strong sense of belonging among them. Students in the Department of Social Work are united and I am thankful for having a fruitful university life in these four years.” Sin Kwan said.


Number of Graduates of the 36th Graduation Ceremony of Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Faculty of Commerce *  492
Department of Business Administration  265
Department of Accounting  152
Department of Economics and Finance  75

Faculty of Social Sciences *   305
Department of Sociology  136
Department of Social Work  62
Department of Counselling and Psychology  107

Faculty of Arts   309
Department of History  35
Department of Chinese Language and Literature  65
Department of English Language and Literature  55
Department of Journalism and Communication  154

* The Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Law and Business and the
Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Psychology were launched in 2007.
The first cohort of students from these two programmes will graduate in 2011.

From: December Issue 2010

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