New full time academic staff in 2019-2020


Faculty of Arts


Department of English Language and Literature

Dr. Rebekah Ruth BALE (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Cedric DESCHRIJVER (Lecturer)

Dr. WONG Man Ho, Ivy (Lecture)


Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Prof. CHEN Yunfeng 陳允鋒 (Professor)

Dr. HUI Kin Yip 許建業 (Lecture)


Department of Journalism and Communication

Dr. YUEN Man Ching, Connie (Assistant Professor)

Dr. LIANG Jingwen (Lecture)


Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Counselling and Psychology

Dr. YUEN Wing Yan, Winnie (Lecture)

Dr. CHEUNG Yim, Yen (Lecture)

Dr. NG Chi Kit, Jacky (Lecture)


Department of Sociology

Dr. MAK Sau Wa (Assistant Professor)

Dr. TSANG Chung Kin (Lecture)


Department of Social Work

Dr. Josephine FUNG Wing Fun (Senior Lecturer)

Mr. Kaiser LO Kai Yeung (Senior Lecturer)


Source: September Issue 2019

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