CEBP strives for generalization of EBP knowledge

TMS Workshop by Dr. Olga Lucía Gamboa

TMS Workshop by Dr. Olga Lucía Gamboa

The Centre of Interdisciplinary Research in Evidence-Based Practice (CEBP) aims to increase the breadth and depth of interdisciplinary research, as well as apply its pure findings and knowledge to the University’s vocationally oriented academic programs. With the aids of the state-of-the-art research facilities and equipment, the Centre has continuously launched various kinds of research activities such as public lectures, research workshops and conference to facilitate the learning of design and implementation of evidence based practice (EBP) research.

Computer Laboratory

Equipped with more than 20 networked computers, the IDS Computer Laboratory uses the latest research and statistical software for sophisticated data analysis. The computers have installed Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system for conducting survey research. To match with the needs of analyzing the corresponding survey data, ATLAS.ti and Mplus have been installed for qualitative and quantitative analysis respectively. Several trainings have been conducted to teach teachers and students how to use CATI for conducting EBP research.

Physiological Assessment Room

The physiological assessment room has two sets of biofeedback systems used for capturing physiological responses. The whole setup can be used to measure various parameters such as skin conductance, pulse and respiration rates, and electroencephalography. With a wide-range of applications in psychology, clinical research, physical therapy, and primary care, the data gathered can help researchers gain valuable insights into all manner of physiological responses in relation to emotions and decision-making.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Laboratory (tDCS)

The laboratory is equipped with a non-invasive device that applies constant, low transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). It is extensively used in behavioural research into decision-making and risk-taking behaviour.

tDCS Workshop by Mr. Mark Crawley

tDCS Workshop by Mr. Mark Crawley

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Laboratory (TMS)

The laboratory is equipped with a DuoMAG XT-100 rTMS System with Brainsight® TMS Neuronavigation system that provides focal magnetic stimulation to the brain. Capable of using structural scans from structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to provide highly accurate stimulation to particular areas of the brain, the TMS is widely used in motivation and emotion-related research, making it a useful tool in examining the core concepts of decision-making, negotiation, and persuasion.

All SYU staff and students are welcome to use the Centre facilities. For room bookings and more details, please visit https://ids.hksyu.edu/cebp/home

Evidence-Based Practice International Conference 2019

The Evidence-Based Practice International Conference 2019 “Evidence Matters: What Works for Learning and Teaching” will be hosted in SYU Research Complex on 25 October 2019. Lectures, panel sessions, oral presentations and lab tour will be held to inspire your learning, teaching, research and practice about EBP. To learn more, please visit bit.ly/EBP-Conference-2019.

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