MOU to build a big data lab signed between HKSYU and iFREE GROUP


Professor SUN (left) and Mr. Steven LOKE host the MOU signing ceremony.

Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with iFREE GROUP with respect to a donation of HK$20,000,000 from iFREE GROUP to set up a Big Data Lab in HKSYU.

Twenty million donation

The MOU signing ceremony was held on the 3 July 2019 at the Research Complex of HKSYU. The MOU was signed by Mr. Steven LOKE, Executive Chairman of iFREE GROUP, and witnessed by Professor Catherine SUN, Academic Vice President of HKSYU.

Apart from the MOU, iFREE Group is also committed to transforming HKSYU to become the first smart University in the world.

At the same ceremony, Professor SUN announced that Mr. LOKE is appointed to the Board of Governors of the University with effect from January 2020 for a term of three years. An appointment letter was presented to Mr. LOKE at the ceremony.

Mr. LOKE (right) is appointed to the Board of Governors of HKSYU with effect from January 2020 for a term of three years. An appointment letter was presented to Mr. LOKE by Professor SUN (left).

In her short speech, Professor SUN expressed her gratitude to Mr. LOKE and iFREE GROUP for the donation of the Big Data Lab to HKSYU as well as his acceptance of the appointment to the Board of Governors. In addition, Professor Sun also mentioned that iFREE GROUP had already donated HK$1,000,000 to HKSYU last year to provide an entrance scholarship for students admitted to Year 1 of the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honour) in Digital Marketing programme, and that the donation a recurrent one.

Professor SUN said in view of the rapid developments in information and communication technology, HKSYU has planned to launch a FinTech bachelor’s degree programme in 2021, and establish a Department of Applied Data Science.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. LOKE thanked Professor SUN for inviting him sit on the Board of Governors. He opined that our future was intricately intertwined with technological innovation, and that if we wanted to create a better tomorrow, we needed to move fast.

“So I think it is timely to build a Big Data laboratory at HKSYU.” Mr. LOKE said.

Mr. LOKE said with the smart devices installed, HKSYU would probably be the first smart university in the world.

Regarding the appointment, Mr. LOKE said he believed all members of the iFREE GROUP would be behind him during his term of office as governor.

iFREE Big Data Lab

Professor SUN told Shue Yan Newsletter reporter that the iFREE Big Data Lab will be situated on the 5th Floor of the High Block of the Research Complex. The scope of the Lab is not limited to work and research on big data, but may also include work and research on virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, and the development of applications.

“The Lab is established to support Shue Yan to gradually and substantially move its academic programmes into the digital age. The Lab purports to provide assistance to the development of all academic programmes and academic research at HKSYU adopting the big data mentality.” Professor SUN said.

Smart campus

iFREE GROUP will collaborate with Veea Inc., Syniverse Technologies, LLC, and Mimic Technology Inc. (mimik) to transform HKSYU into a smart campus. Veea’s CEO Mr. Allen SALMASI, Syniverse’s Asia Pacific head Mr. Paul HODGES, and mimik’s VP Worldwide Sales & Business Development Ms. Sam ARMANI, attended the MOU signing ceremony and made presentations respectively on their services and technologies after the ceremony.

Mr. Allen SALMASI, CEO of Veea Inc., explained the strategy for the smart campus of HKSYU; on front of the stage are the main device of the smart campus – VeeaHub, and the related equipment.

According to Mr. SALMASI, the smart campus of HKSYU will be built on edge computing technology, VeeaHub and its “micro-cloud”. In short, by using edge computing, people’s devices from a few to hundreds of feet are directly connected to a VeeaHub (WiFi Access Point), and data can be analysed and processed by it. This can reduce latency and enable much faster response time.

For students and staff, VeeaHub enables the following applications:

(1) For classroom:

∙  Real-time chat for Q&A

∙  Lecture notes available in the classroom

(2) For augmented teaching:

∙  Augmented information for non-linear learning

∙  Self-guided and adaptive learning

∙  Laboratory experience learning

(3) For campus – real-time discovery for student activities:

∙  Event around campus

∙  News publishing

∙  Schedules: course schedules, calendar


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