A Moment with First Class Honours Graduates


Chan Wai Chi, Journalism and Communication


“I feel both excited and touched!” This was how Chan Wai Chi felt when she attended the Graduation Ceremony. She graduated with first class honours in Journalism and Mass Communication. She was excited because her four years of hard work, had paid off. She was touched by the nurturing of the teachers and the support and encouragement she had received from her family.

“Studying occupied 80% of my university life.” Chan said.

However, besides studying hard, Wai Chi was like all other students, joined in university activities, had a part-time job and participated in sports event. She had been a member of the editorial team of the Shue Yan Newsletter in year 3 and year 4. She participated in the Joint University Alumni Table Tennis Competition for many years. Regarding her part-time job, she said that if it clashed with her studies, she always chose studying over her part-time job.

When asked about her learning method, she said, “I prepared for the lesson before class, so that I could have a brief understanding of the lesson content. Also, you have to pay attention in class, and if there are any problems, discuss them with classmates, or ask the teachers after the lesson; so when doing revision after class, there is no need to spend too much time on it. Lastly, I always revised the course one month before the examination, so that I could handle the exam with ease.”

She also said that no matter how good her results were, she would never compare herself with others, but focus on whether she had made any improvement or not.

Wai Chi is now working as a reporter at the South China Morning Post. She said she would try her best in her job and hoped that one day she could make some contribution to Shue Yan.

Ng Yuen Wa, Accounting


Ng Yuen Wa, a first class honours graduate in accounting, has spent the past four years mostly on study and part-time jobs. She didn’t take part in extracurricular activities inside and outside school. Yet, her university life was still very colorful as she was fortunate enough to live in hostel with other students.

“In the past 4 years, I was lucky to be given a place in student hostel. I’ve met many schoolmates from different faculties which has broadened my circle of friends. Meanwhile, I served in the post of hostel assistant.” says Yuen Wa.

She is very thankful that Hong Kong Shue Yan University has given her a chance to receive tertiary education. She sincerely reminds her young classmates that “we should be thankful and should cherish this precious opportunity in school. Though the resources here are limited, we would not be who we are without Shue Yan.”

Yuen Wa hopes she can repay the school and society in the near future and encourages the students in Shue Yan to work hard. Finally, she especially thanks her teacher Ms Li Ngor Chun, who teaches Mandarin, for her love and care.

Fung Ching Yee, Business Administration


It took Fung Ching Yee a year to get used to university life in Business Administration. She never thought of receiving a first class honours degree when she was admitted as a Shue Yan university student in 2005.

Ching Yee started doing a part-time job to earn her living when she was in year 2. At that time, she suddenly found that she needed to spend more time on her studies. She used not to be a brilliant academic student in her secondary school, but at Shue Yan, she has turned out to be a hardworking girl.

Ching Yee takes the President and the Principal as her example as they have been putting so much effort into developing Shue Yan. By serving the post of helper in many activities, doing part-time jobs and studying seriously at home, she felt very fulfilled.

“I cherish every moment that I spent with my classmates doing projects. They were very sincere and willing to express their views. That taught me many skills and experiences in dealing with interpersonal relationships.” Ching Yee says.

Ching Yee points out that the working experience she gained in part-time jobs is valuable as it helps a lot in the real battle field of full-time employment.

Ching Yee is thankful to the President and the Principal and is determined to contribute to the university and society.

From: December Issue 2009

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