Shue Yan Interdisciplinary Research Platform encourages knowledge transfer across disciplines


University staff celebrated the conclusion of the first IDS project.

On 15th November, 2017, Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) celebrated the successful conclusion of its first project under the Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) of the Research Grants Council in which an interdisciplinary research platform has been established to bring bright and creative research ideas of interdisciplinary subjects to light.

Professor Catherine Sun, Academic Vice President of HKSYU, described this platform as a “space for growth and change”. All members in the Shue Yan community including teachers, students and alumni are encouraged to participate in the platform and learn from ample scholarly insights and interesting concepts in interdisciplinary research.

The platform operating since 2015 has a mission to promote interdisciplinary research in three main areas, namely Brain-Based Teaching and Learning, Decision-Making, and Negotiation and Persuasion. These areas involve the study of business, education, psychology and law, and are indeed the prominent fields in which Shue Yan has had considerable success in developing its competitive career-oriented programmes over the past 45 years.

In these three project years, HKSYU has been inviting various scholars in these three areas to visit the University and interact with local academics through this platform. As of present, over 40 lectures and workshops were organized, and over 25 overseas and local scholars were invited to share their insights and experience in research and teaching.

In the grand finale of the project – Institutional Development Scheme Ceremony Cum Interdisciplinary Research Day, held on 15th of November 2017, five scholars were invited to share their research about conflict resolution with the audience. Their works ranged across diverse topics including creative mediation, neuroethics and encouragement in mediated resolution. Participants were actively engaged and highly involved in the discussions.

Front page of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research website.

Though the project has now come to an end, the platform is fully developed and renamed to “Centre for Interdisciplinary Research”, which will continue to promote interdisciplinary research at Shue Yan and facilitate the transfer of knowledge to society and industry. The Centre is equipped with advanced research facilities and equipment such as computer laboratory, physiological assessment room, and the two new neuroscience laboratories: The Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Laboratory and the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Laboratory.

Researchers at HKSYU can make use of these facilities to further examine how the human brains work during learning, decision making and resolving conflicts. The project team welcomes the University’s academic staff for collaboration discussions. For more details of the Centre and its facilities, please browse the Centre website at https://ids.hksyu.edu/irp/.

Source: Dec 2017/Jan 2018 Combined Issue

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