“You, Me and IT”– BA Academic Week 2017


Guests at the Opening Ceremony on October 23: Professor CHEUNG Bing-Leung (center), Professor LAU Kin-Nam (third from right), Mr. Alvin LAM (second from right), Professor Erwin HUANG (right).

Academic Week is the biggest annual event of Hong Kong Shue Yan University Business Administration Department’s calendar. The Academic Week 2017 was held from October 23 to 26, 2017. This year the theme was “You, Me and IT- The management challenge in the new information technology era”. It provided an invaluable opportunity to our students to explore the real business world beyond the classroom.

Recently, a rapid development of technology brought many benefits in modern business practice and presented a challenge to talented students and people’s daily lives. For example, more people use e-money to purchase instead of fiat money. The emergence of VR, AR technology, and 3D printer brings a new and unique experience to users. This technology presents both opportunities and challenges to business development.

In order to be well equipped and become a better competitor in society, BA students have to become more familiar with the new technology. “You, Me and IT- The management challenge in the new information technology era” is this year’s theme and aims to encourage students to discover and understand the relationship between technology and us. The Department sincerely hope its fellow students will discover a clear vision of the future and understand how this technology affects future business trends.

The Department organized a series of seminars to analyze and explore the impact of the development of new technology. This year, the Department was honored to have different leaders from across the political, business and education sectors to share their thoughts and experience with students. They are Prof. CHEUNG Bing-Leung, GBS, JP, Prof. LAU Kin-Nam, Mr. Alvin LAM, Prof. Erwin HUANG, Mr. Eddie AU, Mr. Anson TANG, Prof. LIANG Ting-Peng, Mr. TAI Lun, Mr. Jim WONG, Miss. Maggie TANG, Miss. Crystal WONG, Miss. SETO Man-Yiu, Mr. Ken NG, Mr. Simon WONG, Mr. Derek CHEUNG and Mr. Eddie WONG. Together they delivered many exciting presentations which gave students a new inspiration on the future impact of new information technology development and made Academic Week 2017 very successful.

Speakers at the forum on October 23 (right to left): Professor Erwin HUANG, Professor LAU Kin-Nam and Mr. Alvin LAM.

[Source: November Issue 2017]

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