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By Dr. Amy Chan, Associate Academic Vice-President (Teaching and Learning Development)

The Committee for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (ATLC) was established in 2016 to promote excellence and innovative developments in teaching and learning. It is headed by the Associate Academic Vice-President (Teaching and Learning Development), Dr. Amy Chan. Committee members are faculty of different departments.

The ATLC holds workshops, talks and seminars mainly for teaching staff.  The Programme is comprised of 4 series: Professional Development Programme (PDP) Workshops, Teaching Excellence Series, Technology in Teaching Series, and Coffee Talk.

The Professional Development Programme (PDP) Workshops aim at orienting new staff to the culture of the University and familiarizing them with the OBTL and SLEQ systems and assessment methods used in the University. Topics in this series include Classroom Management Techniques, Assessment Methods, Writing Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) Course Outlines, How to Use the Student Learning Experience Questionnaire (SLEQ) to Improve Teaching, etc.  It is quite an interesting as well as productive experience for the teaching staff. On the one hand, the new staff, who may be new in teaching undergraduate programme, acquire skills and pedagogies that they need in their work. Even senior staff who have experience in teaching find the PDP Workshops useful to get them familiarized with the Shue Yan culture. On the other hand, teaching staff enjoy sitting on the other side of the classroom as students which provides them a chance to reflect on what constitutes effective teaching.

The Teaching Excellence Series invites colleagues who have excellent performance in teaching to share their good practice in pedagogies with colleagues.  Topics in this series include Presentation Strategies, Education Psychology, How Research Inform Teaching, Writing a General Education Course Outline, etc. Being positioned itself as a teaching-led and research active university, SYU places great emphasis on teaching and learning.   It is hoped that the teaching staff will refresh and update their pedagogies regularly.   In 2017-18, the focus will be on promoting the idea of interdisciplinarity to prepare the faculty for the commencement of our MPhil and PhD Programmes in September 2018 as the concept is the niche of our MPhil and PhD Programmes.

The Technology in Teaching Series provides training to teaching and administrative staff in beginner’s and advanced levels of information technology. With the opening of the Research Complex, there are more classrooms equipped with classroom technology system. All the equipment, such as computer, visualizer, Blu-ray player and projector, is controlled by a central panel that is pretty easy to control with some minimal level of training. Moreover, since online teaching platform is getting more and more popular, our staff are encouraged to make more use of Moodle.  On top of that, the ATLC would also like to explore more advanced use of technology in teaching, for example, Google Class and Edtool. Edtool is a mobile solution for classroom interaction which allows teachers to conduct a quiz, a survey or solicit feedback from students online during the class.  Students who are too shy to speak up in class can ask questions or voice their opinion through this tool.

The Coffee Talk aims at providing a relaxed and informal setting for faculty of different departments to come together and chat over a topic of common interest, for example, How to Deal with Problem Students, How to Make Use of Technology in Teaching and Assessment, Helping Students with Bad Results, etc. The Coffee Talk is scheduled in the late afternoon when most classes are done and teaching staff can relax with coffee, tea and snacks.  As there are over 120 full-time teachers in SYU, it is not easy to get to know colleagues from other departments. So, the Coffee Talk serves as a good venue for colleagues to mingle and they may even come up with idea of collaboration in teaching and research.

The ATLC welcomes suggestion and ideas.  If you want a workshop on a particular topic or if you have been to an excellent workshop and would like to have it here in SYU, please do talk to us.

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