Multimedia Production Centre creates a new future for students


Professor Leung Tin Wai

The Multimedia Production Centre of the Department of Journalism and Communication, located at LG2 of the Research Complex, is expected to come into operation in September this year. Professor Leung Tin Wai, Head of the Department, is confident that the functioning of this new facility will open a new page in the history of the Department of Journalism and Communication and create a new future for the students.

The Multimedia Production Centre, which is financed by a donation of over HK$20 million from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, comprises of a Forum Theatre and five studios/specialized purpose rooms, including: one Master Editing Suites, two AV Production Studios, one Multimedia Workshop and one Audio Mixing Suite (for more detail see below). They are equipped with fully digitized facilities and linked up with fiber optics for editing, post production and live broadcast, simultaneously whenever necessary.

The Forum Theatre, which has 202 retractable seating, is suitable for multi-purpose functions, for example, film show, drama performance, mini concert, and live/recorded show with audience.

Professor Leung said the main purpose of setting up the Multimedia Production Centre is to nurture students’ creativity and strengthen students’ potential for multimedia production. He believes that students of the Department of Journalism and Communication will gain practical experiences through hands-on projects under the supervision of the teaching staff and other expects.

Commenting on trends of content format, Professor Leung said multimedia production, especially video in social media, has become the most popular format in journalism, public relations and advertising, and it is envisaged that digital media will replace newspapers in the near future.

“I hope our students can combine theory and practice in their learning and gain experience from making various multimedia so as to strive for their future endeavours.”


Facilities and functions of the Multimedia Production Centre

By Mr. CHAN Tsun Wan (陳俊雲), Production Controller of Multimedia Production Centre, Department of Journalism and Communication


Forum Theatre

  • Has 202 seats capacity installed on a moveable platform
  • Equipped with lighting, audio, and projection system, as well as HD multi-camera studio TV production
  • Eight wall boxes with all video and audio connection in theatre connected to control room at LG1
  • A 10 channels combining HD/4K resolution recording and playback system in control room to capture live shooting and for playback
  • Maximum up to 192TB Central Storage and media management system installed
  • Fiber optics will be installed as the prime communication tools to connect all equipment where SDI BNC coaxial and Ethernet copper cables will be considered as the backup solution
  • The “Collaborative Editing Environment Concept” will be introduced to students – to train  students to have sufficient and adequate abilities to handle all aspects of advanced production technique such as video shooting, post production including video special effect and audio mixing
  • For “Sustainable development”, a set of new technology optical system for future 8K or even higher resolution or quality data transfer will be installed

Master Editing Suite

Design concept of the Master Editing Suite

  • High-end color grading, effect finishing and editing system with 4K HDR monitors can handle both commercial jobs and tutor lessons
  • “Collaborative Editing” – share data from Center Storage with other rooms
  • Enough space for students to practice software and group discussion

AV Production Studios

Design concept of the AV Production Studio

  • Two studios with backdrop and chroma-key shooting, 4K camera, video switching system with simple virtual reality for interview
  • AR/VR production
  • “Collaborative Editing” – share data from Center Storage with other rooms

Multimedia Workshop

Design concept the Multimedia Workshop

Design concept the Multimedia Workshop

  • Equipped with 4 x iMac Retina 27” 5K Retina display (FCP X & Adobe Creative Cloud), 4 x Thunderbolt Pegasus R4 4 Bay RAID, 8 x HP Z440 workstation (Adobe Creative Cloud), 8 x 27” HP Monitor, etc.
  • All connected through 10Gbit networking
  • Students can do research, discuss and finish their video production project

Audio Mixing Suite

Design concept of the Audio Mixing Suite

  • 24 tracks audio mixing suite
  • For individual and group interview
  • For voice over recording, dubbing and musical recording

Source: May Issue 2017

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