Congratulations to our 1307 graduates in 2016


The 42nd Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) graduation ceremony was held on 1st and 2nd of December 2016, in the Lady Lily Shaw Hall at the University campus. A total of 1,307 students graduated from the University’s Bachelor’s and postgraduate degree programmes.

In these two days, thousands of graduates’ family members and friends, University staff and students celebrated their success and took photos with them inside and outside the campus.

The newly constructed Research Complex, which will come into operation in January 2017, was a new attraction to graduates and their family members and friends, and provided a delightful backdrop for photos.

The Bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees were conferred by Professor HU Yao-Su, Provost of HKSYU.

There were a total of 588 graduates from the bachelor’s and postgraduate degree programmes of the Faculty of Commerce, 362 from the Faculty of Arts and 357 from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

1248 graduates from the Bachelor’s degree programmes

There were 1,248 graduates from the University’s 12 Bachelor’s degrees programmes in 2016. The Faculty of Commerce had 581 graduates, the Faculty of Arts 360, and the Faculty of Social Sciences 307.

Twelve students received the Academic Programme Achievement Awards 2016: SHIU Long In (History), WU Danni (Chinese Language and Literature), KONG Tik Yi Christy (English), CHEN Wenjing (Journalism and Mass Communication), LAM Wai Lee (Business Administration), TSE Shan Shan (Accounting), KWOK Chun Kit (Law and Business), CHEN Tao (Economics and Finance), CHAN Wai Cheung Stevenson (Sociology), NG Wing Hoi (Social Work), CHAN Yuen Man (Counselling and Psychology), and CHOI Ki Yan (Psychology).

59 graduates from the postgraduate programmes

59 graduates received Master’s degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas in the 42nd graduation ceremony. Among of them, 14 were awarded a Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology, eight were awarded a Master of Social Sciences (Transformation of Chinese Societies), seven were awarded a Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Psychology, two were awarded a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, and 28 were awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology.

Miss Xu Diwen is one of the graduates of the Master of Social Sciences (Transformation of Chinese Societies) programme. She told the Newsletter that before coming to HKSYU she was a reporter of the mainland China newspaper Wenhui Bao and stationed in Nanjing, Jiangsu. After working there for three years, she began to think about furthering her studies and looked for opportunities to know more about the uniqueness of Hong Kong . While searching for master’s degree programmes in Hong Kong, she recalled the legendary story of the renowned educators Dr. Henry HU and the late Dr. CHUNG Chi Yung, founders of Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Finally, she made up her mind to apply for Shue Yan’s Master of Social Sciences (Transformation of Chinese Societies) programme.

Miss XU said she had deepened her understanding of the transformation of Chinese societies through the programme, and had learned to view the development of the People’s Republic of China from a different perspective. The professors have varied backgrounds – some of them either have been living or have teaching experience in Mainland China, and some are acquainted with the development and social phenomena in other countries like Japan and Singapore. For example, Adjunct Professor TSU Yun Hui Timothy had been a professor at Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan.

Miss XU has vivid memories of the visiting tour to Taiwan led by Professor Selina CHAN in early 2016. “During the visit, I see and feel the culture of Taiwan, explore the characteristics of it, and understand how multicultural Taiwan is formed. The visit gives me insights into the understanding of Chinese societies,” said Miss XU.

“The overall experience of study is very useful, and I really enjoyed the experience.” Miss XU said.

Miss XU works in a local media company’s overseas liaison office as a planning officer at the moment.

Miss Xu Diwen (left) and Mr. Li Ben

Mr. Li Ben, Miss XU’s classmate, started his career in wholesaling and retailing in Shenzhen after finishing his undergraduate study in education in mainland China. In 2015, after staying in Shenzhen for 10 years, he decided it was time for him to leave work to gain some new knowledge and to experience the city life in Hong Kong. Acting on the suggestion of a friend, he applied to the Master of Social Sciences (Transformation of Chinese Societies) programme of Shue Yan and was accepted.

Mr. Li recalled his study in the first semester was not easy because he lacked some basic training in sociology. After working hard, he passed the examination and found it a bit easier to deal with other courses in the second semester.

Comparing the teaching methods of tertiary education in Hong Kong and Mainland China, Mr. Li found that in Hong Kong, professors always require students to express their views and make presentations, while in his undergraduate study in the mainland, professors preferred to talk more and let students listen more. Moreover, in Hong Kong, critical views are expressed in the mass media and on different occasions, but this happens less in mainland China.

M. Li is now working in a local subsidiary insurance company of an international insurance group as financial consultant.

The graduation ceremony of the MBA programme was held on 2th December 2016. The University of Louisiana at Monroe (USA) has offered the MBA programme at Hong Kong Shue Yan University since 1979. Dr. Donna LUSE, Associate Dean of the College of Business and Social Sciences of the University of Louisiana at Monroe, conferred the degree. There are two graduates this year.

Source: January Issue 2017

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