General Education Curriculum will be launched next academic year


The Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) will introduce the General Education curriculum in the academic year 2017-2018.

At the Academic Staff Forum held on September 3 at the Library Complex, Professor SUN Tien Lun, Catherine, Academic Vice President of HKSYU, said: “We will be introducing our General Education curriculum in 2017-18, and the Associate Vice President of Teaching and Learning Development, Dr. Amy CHAN, will be reaching out to all of you soon for your contribution to both the curriculum and the delivery of GE courses.” (See: The new Associate Academic Vice President (TLD) Dr. Amy Chan talks about the General Education Programme)

Professor SUN also used this event to introduce the new heads of departments. Professor LEE Chiu Chun has taken over as Head of Department of History starting from September this year. Professor LEE was a 2011 Fulbright Scholar, and the former Head of History at National Taipei University. Distinguished Professor CHEUNG Yuet Wah was appointed as the Academic Head of the Department of Sociology with effect from September, 2016 while the Administrative Head is Professor Harold TRAVER. Professor CHEUNG came from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he was Chairman of the Sociology Department for many years. Distinguished Professor CHAN Koon Hung joined the Department of Accounting on September and will take over as Head of the Department in January 2017. Professor CHAN came from Lingnan University where he was Chair Professor of Accountancy.

On the issue of the medium of instruction, Professor Sun said, as stated in this year’s Academic Policies and Procedures, all lectures should be delivered in English while tutorials may be conducted bilingually, with the exception of all courses with “CHI” prefix and a select number of courses with “HIST” prefix. “I would like to see substantive movement towards its complete enforcement in the coming year and beyond.” Professor SUN said.

According to Professor SUN, HKSYU admitted around 940 freshmen to its bachelor degree programmes this academic year.

Front row from left to right: Professor WONG Kin Yuen, Director of the Graduate School, Professor Selina CHAN, Director of the Research Office, Dr. Amy CHAN, Associate Academic Vice President (Teaching and Learning Development), Professor Catherine SUN, Academic Vice President, Dr. HU Fai Chung, Deputy President, Mr. Felix LEUNG, Administrative Vice President, Mr. CHEUNG Kwok Ping, Associate Administrative Vice President, Ms. YIP Sau Yin, Associate Vice President (Student Affairs)

來源:2016年9月號 [只有英文]

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