Department of Law and Business High Table Dinner 2016


Keynote speaker Dr. Maurice Ngai (front row, fourth left) with guests and University and Department staff.

The Department of Law and Business of Hong Kong Shue Yan University holds its High Table Dinner annually. This year the High Table Dinner 2016 was successfully held on 16 March in the Hong Kong Club, kindly organised by Professor of Practice, Professor Huen Wong, of the Department. The Department was honoured to have the Immediate Past President of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries, Director and CEO of SW Corporate Services Group Limited, Dr. Maurice Ngai, as the keynote speaker this year. Dr. Ngai is also an Adjunct Professor of the Department and is well recognised as one of Hong Kong’s most illustrious practicing chartered secretaries.

This annual High Table Dinner aims not only to promote intellectual exchange between participants in different fields, but also to enhance students’ interpersonal and social etiquette skills. This year, over 180 participants attended the event, including members of the legal, political and business fields, senior officers of the University, teaching staff of the Department, graduates and current students.

The evening began with a welcoming speech by Dr. Andy Chiu, Head of the Department of Law and Business. He closed by handing over to the distinguished guest of honour, Dr. Maurice Ngai, to deliver his speech entitled “At A Crossroads – Chartered Secretaries”.

In his speech, Dr. Ngai discussed his path to success and his story of being a chartered secretary. He emphasized the significance of working hard. When asked whether academic knowledge or practical skills were more important attributes for a chartered secretary, he answered that both were important, but there was a third essential quality that is a chartered secretary needed and that was a strong ethical sense. He encouraged students to strive to do their best so as to achieve their goals.  Following the questions from the students, participants were served dinner.

Before the end of the High Table Dinner, a prize presentation ceremony was held to recognize student’s hard work on their assignments, mooting exercises and examinations. Dr. Claire Wilson, Associate Head of the Department of Law and Business, invited a number of the distinguished guests to give out the prizes to students with outstanding academic results in different subjects. Afterwards, one of the outstanding graduates, Mr. Em Lou, shared his experience during his studies, striving for excellence through determination. His entertaining and humorous speech concluded by his encouraging students to cherish their time at Shue Yan University by studying hard and and trying to live up to the expectations of their professors and lecturers.

Source: March Issue 2016

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