Department of Business Administration Academic Week 2015


Speakers attended the opening ceremony: Dr. Francis Cheung (fifth left), Professor Simon Ho (sixth left) and Dr. Michael Chan (seventh left).

Academic Week is the biggest annual event of Hong Kong Shue Yan University Business Administration Department. It provides an invaluable opportunity for students to learn the up-to-date management skills and the real world business knowledge in order to equip themselves for the ever-changing world. The Theme of Academic Week 2015 is “Enterprises Development – A Challenge for Sustainability” (企業發展 傳承有道), and it has been successfully held from 19th to 23rd October. Throughout the talks, students realized that the importance of sustainability on the development of enterprises.

Prof. Simon Ho, President of Hang Seng Management College, Dr. Francis Cheung, Chairman of Longbow Holdings Limited and Dr. Michael Chan, Chairman of Cafe de Coral Holdings Limited, firstly shared their own view point on the theme of Academic Week 2015, “Sustainability”, in the opening ceremony. Prof. Ho introduced the relevant theories of Sustainability in the academic aspects while Mr. Cheung and Mr. Chan shared their own experience in dealing the issue in the real world business. Then, they further discussed the topic in the panel discussion session, which is host by Dr. Lubanski Lam, Assistant Professor of Department of Business Administration, HKSYU. Being the professionals in different industries, they presented the idea in different perspectives. As a result, it was inspiring and benefits to students owing to the fact that they can learn the topic in a more comprehensive way.

The business world, especially the financial industry, is seem to be ever-changing. Mr. Tsang Chi Ying, Senior Financial Analyst, Mr. John Lo, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Tencent Group, Mr. William Yeung, CEO of Hong Kong Broadband Network, and Mr. Andrew Look, Chief investment officer and managing director of Look’s Asset Management Limited, shared their own experience about how the changes of figures impact the developments of enterprises. Besides, Mr. Tsang, who is the moderator of the panel discussion, invited Dr. Angie Ng, the DATO’ of Malaysia, to share her view. Therefore, it was a valuable opportunity for students to learn. Their sharing and discussion inspired students to a large extent.


Talks and Speakers of the Academic Week 2015

》19/10/2015 – 3:00pm-5:00pm

Opening Ceremony & Talk: Enterprises Development – A Challenge for Sustainability


Prof. Simon Ho (何順文教授), President of Hang Seng Management College (HSMC) in Hong Kong

Dr. Francis Cheung (張舜堯博士), Chairman of Longbow Holdings Limited and ex-Chairman of Tysan Croup

Dr. Michael Chan (陳裕光博士), Chairman of Cafe de Coral Holdings Limited

》20/10/2015 – 10:00am-11:30am

Talk: Risk Management


Prof. Leung Tin Wai (梁天偉教授), Head of Department of Journalism and Communication, HKSYU

Mr. Ip Ka-Po (葉家竇先生), Executive director of Asia Television Limited

》20/10/2015 – 3:00pm-4:30pm

Talk: Family Capitalism

Speaker: Mr. Bernard Chan (陳智思先生), Member of Executive Council

》22/10/2015 – 3:00pm-4:30pm

Talk: Enterprises Development and Management

Speakers: Mr. Shih Wing Ching (施永青先生), Founder of Centaline Group and Chairman of AM730

》23/10/2015 – 10:00am-11:30am

Talk: Social Enterprises

Speakers: Mr. Francis Ngai (魏華星先生), Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Social Ventures Hong Kong

》23/10/2015 – 3:00pm-5:00pm

Talk: Enterprises in Financial Industry


Mr. Tsang Chi Ying (曾志英先生), Senior Financial Analyst

Mr. John Lo (羅碩瀚先生), Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Tencent Group

Mr. William Yeung (楊主光先生), CEO of Hong Kong Broadband Network

Mr. Andrew Look (陸東先生), Chief investment officer and managing director of Look’s Asset Management Limited

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