English Department students present The Doctor’s Dilemma on the Open Day 


The Year 3 students of the Department of English Language and Literature performed The Doctor’s Dilemma, written by George Bernard Shaw, on the Open Day (November 14) of the University. A student who participated in the drama performance stated that in order to offer a brand new experience to audience, their play was infused with some elements of modernity in, for example, costume, color assortment and dialogues.

The Doctor’s Dilemma is about a group of doctors who are facing a dilemma of choosing which patients they should rescue. They could not cure all patients due to a limitation of medical resources. There were two drama performances presented by two groups of students in the morning and afternoon respectively. Each performance was distinctive since each group of students rearranged the play and did their own interpretations with reference to their acting styles. The assistant director of the drama performance in the afternoon section, Jessie Tang, considered that their crew chose to have a rather humorous yet sarcastic way to perform their play. They designed the costume with more vivid colors. Audience could enjoy the performance, which was supposedly to be more serious, in a more relaxing manner. Compared to the performance in the afternoon section, the assistant director from the other group, Kyle O, mentioned that their play tended to be more solemn. He hoped to bring the tension and the serious atmosphere from the original version to audience. As the group wanted to create a vintage style as well the morning section used red, black and white as the theme colours. .

Brian Leung, who played the role of Cutler Walpole, saw that it was difficult to interpret the sentiment and temperament of the character. It was a challenge for him because he believed that if he did not portray the character well, the audience would discover his lack of performing experience. Brian also reckoned that he had to seize this acting opportunity, as it was very rare to have such a chance in university. Furthermore, this performance allowed the actors and actresses to get rid of the regular learning strategy and to have a new experience in drama learning.

Both groups of students believed that the working schedule was tight and they did not have enough time for preparation. Apart from that, Christy Cheung, who played the role of Bloomfield Bonington, pointed out that communication barrier occurred between students. However, disagreement might not be a bad thing, as they would learn to get along with others through compromises.

Without a doubt, both groups presented a remarkable performance. Wallace Tsang, who played the role of Louis Dubedat recalled that he performed flawlessly in the death scene. He claimed that it was his best performance compare to his rehearsals. It was out of his expectation. He also mentioned that the success should be attributed to the audience, owing to the fact that they actually gave him motivation to do his best on stage. Furthermore, Dr. Michelle Chan, who was the director of the two performances, stated that this drama performance offered a unique and interesting chance for students to learn more about drama outside the classroom. Students could act the play rather than studying the plays with just their imagination. Therefore, the performance could assist them to fathom the rationale of the playwright. It is believed that students’ hard work did pay off because the number of audience reached an all-time high. Congratulations to all the students.

Abound 850 visitors came to Shue Yan campus on the Open Day.



The Open Day

The Open Day

Source: November Issue 2015

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