Dr. CHAN Shuk Leung (Pak Suet Sin) and The Hon. Mr. Justice BOKHARY received Honorary Degrees in the 40th Graduation Ceremony


Dr. CHAN Shuk Leung (Pak Suet Sin), represented by Ms. CHAN Po Chu, and The Hon. Mr. Justice BOKHARY received Honorary Degrees in the 40th Graduation Ceremony.


Dr. CHAN Shuk Leung (Pak Suet Sin) received her honorary graduate's cap and gown at her home, on December 9, 2014, from a representative of the University, and shared the honour of receving the Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, with her long-time artistic partner, YAM Kim Fai.


Honorary degrees were conferred upon the celebrated performing artist of Cantonese opera, Dr. CHAN Shuk Leung (Pak Suet Sin), and the Non-Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal, Mr. Justice Syed Kemal Shah BOKHARY, GBM, JP, at the 40th graduation ceremony of Hong Kong Shuke Yan University (HKSYU on 20th November 2014.


The ceremony of conferment of honorary degrees was held in Lily Shaw Hall and chaired by Professor HU Yao-Su, member of the Board of Governors of HKSYU. Ms. CHAN Po Chu represented Dr. CHAN Shuk Leung to receive the honorary degree.


Dr. CHAN Shuk Leung: Doctor of Letters honoris causa


In his citation, Professor LEUNG Tin Wai, Head of Department of Journalism and Communication, praised Dr. PAK Suet Sin for her artistic achievement in Cantonese opera and the famous Sin Fung Ming Opera Troupe that she formed with the legendary opera singer YAM Kim Fai which has given many brilliant performances of the works in its extensive repertoire.


Professor LEUNG also praised Dr. PAK’s contributions to the development of Cantonese opera. He said: “It has been the great contribution of the Sin Fung Ming Opera Troupe to open a new path for Cantonese opera, transforming it from a common, unrefined form of entertainment to an elegant art form of superior quality. This has also been the lifelong aspiration of Dr. PAK, who has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to the task of planting new aesthetic seeds for Cantonese opera, so that this traditional art form from Guangdong, which was once considered to have passed its prime, can now live on for generations to come.”


Justice BOKHARY: Doctor of Laws honoris causa


Professor WONG Kwai Huen, BBS, JP, Senior Professor of Practice in the Department of Law and Business of HKSYU, introduced Dr. BOKHARY, presenting some of the highlights of his distinguished career in private legal practice and in the judiciary since he was admitted to the Hong Kong Bar in 1971, and praised his contribution to the development of legal education in Hong Kong.


In his citation, Professor WONG said that Mr. Justice BOKHARY, who had lectured in HKSYU during its formative years, was appointed to the High Court in 1989 and elevated to the Court of Appeal in 1993. From 1997 to 2012, Mr. Justice BOKHARY was a permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal and participated in almost every constitutional case which came before the Court.


“On the bench, Justice BOKHARY is well known for his ex tempore judgments.

Almost all his Court of First Instance judgments were rendered at the last hearing date or on the following day. He believes that the best time to deliver a judgment is at the conclusion of a trial when the memory of the facts, the evidence and Counsel’s submissions are still fresh in his mind. This explains why Justice BOKHARY could churn out a bewildering number of important landmark judgments particularly in the realm of constitutional law which are universally recognised as most inspiring authorities for legal practitioners both in Hong Kong and in the Region.” Professor WONG said.


Justice BOKHARY: Never betray the principles to which you are committed


Justice BOKHARY then made a speech on behalf of Dr. CHAN Shuk Leung and himself.  He said: “It is with deep gratitude that Dr. CHAN and I accept the honorary doctorates conferred upon us.”


Justice BOKHARY encouraged graduates to face their future without fear and never compromise integrity. He said: “Face your future without complacency but equally without fear. Know that you have what it takes to succeed. Perhaps success will come to you very quickly. Hopefully it will. But do not be downhearted if it turns out to take some time. For if success seems slow in coming, it will be all the more satisfying when it eventually comes. Choose your objective wisely. Pursue it with determination. Some doors you may find closed. Others you will find open. Never compromise your integrity in the pursuit of material advantage. Always do your honourable best. Never betray the principles to which you are committed.”




Source: December Issue 2014

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