Dr. Chung Chi Yung Memorial Writing Competition special merit prize


Dr. Chung

Man Yuk Lam, Department of Law and Business Year 4


Being a lawyer has long been my dream. Three years ago, my disastrous AL results were released. I was in a dark world. Shue Yan University lit up my life. If Dr. Chung had not established Shue Yan University, I would not have had an opportunity to study law. Words of gratitude filled my heart. Tears of gratitude filled my eyes.

She was attentive to young people’s needs. Without a university degree, students are doomed to fail when applying for high-positioned jobs or government jobs. Universities do not offer enough places for young people to pursue their studies. Dr. Chung was like a mother. She was concerned about the future of young people and hoped that more people could have a good education.  She highly appreciated the concept of “ren” (benevolence) which was proposed by Confucius. She deeply believed that a society would develop prosperously in good order if everyone could abide by “ren” (benevolence).  By setting up Shue Yan University, she aimed to cultivate more well mannered students for the development and stability of society. If Dr. Chung had not established Shue Yan University, I would not have had a chance to pursue good education.

Her mind was as strong as a horse. When it came to education, she believed that good quality is more important than financial assistance. She insisted on offering 4-year bachelor’s degrees. She faced opposition with determination and perseverance. She dealt with the government with her usual calm and confidence. She stood straight like an arrow when facing a cold, penetrating wind. If Dr. Chung had not insisted on 4-year education, I would not have known the importance of having a strong mind and determination.

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