Dr. Chung Distinguished Lectures (2014 FALL)


(Back) Mr. Benjamin Ho Tat-ming, Professor Hu Yao-su, Dr. Claire Wilson, Dr. Andy Chiu Man-chung (Front) Dr. Henry Hu Hung-lick, Her Honour Judge Bebe Chu Pui-ying, The Honourable Ms. Justice Huang Lu-shing

In memory of the honourable Dr. Chung Chi Yung, one of the founders of Hong Kong Shue Yan University and the first female judge in Chinese History, the Dr. Chung Distinguished Lectures have been chosen as the theme of this year’s Law Week so as to commemorate the outstanding contribution of Dr. Chung to higher education in Hong Kong.  The lectures were held on 13th, 15th & 16th September, 2014, focusing on various academic legal topics, and inviting female judges from the HKSAR, Mainland China and Taiwan.

The opening lecture was given in English by Her Honour Judge Bebe Chu Pui-ying, Deputy High Court Judge and Principal Family Court Judge of the HKSAR on the topic: “Open Justice and Transparency in Family Proceedings”. Her honour Judge Chu started by telling students that the open administration of justice is the foundational to the common law; she then illustrated different aspects in relation to open justice.  Judge Chu said Hong Kong was currently experiencing a consultation period in search for open justice, as Article 25 of the Basic Law protects citizen’s equality and freedom before the courts.  Judge Chu then proceeded to discuss the area of Family Proceedings addressing Marital Status, Children and Financial hearings. Judge Chu concluded her speech by inviting students to vote on whether they agree to increased transparency in family proceedings.

The Honourable Ms. Justice Wu Xiao-fang, the Supreme People’s Court Judge from the Mainland China made her speech on the topic: “女性與法律” (Women and Law).  Justice Wu began by briefly illustrating the problems females face in both the legal field and in society. Justice Wu explained how women’s rights are protected by law when facing divorce, and how economic assistance is provided. To conclude her speech, Justice Wu expressed her hope that discrimination towards females in criminal cases would eventually be eliminated.

On the last day (16th February, 2014), the department invited The Honourable Ms. Justice Huang Lu-shing, a retired Presiding Justice of the Supreme Administrative Court of Taiwan. Justice Huang gave her speech on the topic: “台灣的女性法官-過去,現在,以後” (Female Judges in Taiwan: Past, Present and Future). Justice Huang started off by briefly introducing the procedures of being a judge in Taiwan, then further elaborated the difficulties female judges face. Justice Huang said that being pregnant is the main reason preventing female law students or lawyers from continuing their studies or furthering their careers. Justice Huang also shared her personal experience on how to overcome difficulties on balancing one’s career and family life. At the end, Justice Huang told students that life is always hard and we must do our best and not to give ourselves cause for regret.

The Department of Law and Business is proud to have invited these distinguished female judges from three different jurisdictions in Greater China to join in the Dr. Chung Distinguished Lectures event. “It is not only a great honour for Hong Kong Shue Yan University, but also an enriching experience for our students. The Department will continue to organise diversified seminars and conferences in the foreseeable future, fostering the exchange of ideas from different domains,” a spokesperson of the department said.

Source: October Issue 2014

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