A New Milestone for the 1133 Graduates of HKSYU Bachelor’s degree programmes in 2013


The 39th Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) graduation ceremony was held on 20th and 21st of November 2013, in the Lady Shaw Hall at the University campus in North Point. A total of 1,133 students graduated from the University’s Bachelor’s degree programmes.

Among the 1,133 undergraduates, 357 were from the Faculty of Arts, 504 were from the Faculty of Business, and 272 were from the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Bachelor’s degrees were conferred by Dr. Henry Hu, President of HKSYU.

Miss Wong Ching Man, recipient of a First Class Honours degree in Chinese Language and Literature advised students to: “Keep your passion, and enjoy the process.” She said that she had encountered lots of challenges during her four years’ study, but what kept her moving on was passion.

Wong remembered one of the hardest times in her university journey was the period spent completing her final year project. However, when she realized she was doing what she loved most, she had the enthusiasm to continue and fight for perfection. She said that in order to present her thesis comprehensively, she had made use of her trips to Mainland China and Taiwan to find reference books and spent a lot of time reading them.

Wong thanked her thesis tutor and the Putonghua teacher for offering useful guidelines and directions to inspire her, noting that they had never refused to give her answers no matter how many questions she asked.

Wong advised her young classmates to get to know more people from different disciplines and talk to them because what they said would always make you think more and would always be very enlightening. Wong also mentioned that she used to stay in the library reading and studying instead of joining lots of extracurricular activities.

“Understand thoroughly.” This was what Miss Fung Hoi Yin did in the past four years’ study. She graduated with first class honours in History. She said her learning method was to think until she understood the subject matter thoroughly, and to strive to understand what she was reading.

“I am not the one who studied hardest, but I tried hard to understand all the theories. May be that is the reason why I got high marks.” Fung said.

In the second session of the first day’s graduation ceremony, Professor Hu Yao-su, Academic Vice President, presented the Academic Programme Achievement Awards to 12 graduates, one from each undergraduate programme. The 13th award went to the Master’s graduate.

Source: December Issue 2013

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