BA Department Academic Week 2013: “Competing for the Future”


Guests participates a ribbon-cutting ceremony to kick-off Academic Week 2013.

The Department of Business Administration holds the annual Academic Week with the aim of facilitating students to have better understanding of the development and changes in the business environment. In the “Academic Week 2013”, the Department invited prominent business leaders, professional authorities and social elites to share their precious experience and ideas about how to promote the development of enterprises and working organizations through innovative thinking.

The “2013 Academic Week” began with a simple and meaningful ceremony on 21st October. The theme in this year: “Competing for The Future” with the aim in exploring the key importance of competition in developing our competitiveness. Featured eight keynote speeches which were all wonderful and listed as follow:

Competing for The Future (an economy viewing)

Innovative Branding

Hong Kong in a catch 22 situation?

Low-carbon Living

The Market Mentalist

The Fifth Anniversary of Financial Tsunami: Wealth Management

The Rising Magical Life

Competing for The Future (a society viewing)

Keynote speakers on 21st October (from left to right): Mr. Derek Lee, Chairman and CEO of Enrich Culture Group Limited, Mr. Charles Mok, Member of Legislative Council, Mr. Andrew Kam, Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Mr. Simon Wong, Chairman of Kampery Group, Mr. Christopher Lau, Future Service Director of SmarTone

In the “2013 Academic Week”, 18 prominent guests from various professional sectors, including business, education, politics, social services and medicine were invited as speakers of seminars. They are:

Mr. Charles Mok, Member of Legislative Council (Information Technology)

Mr. Andrew Kam, Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Mr. Simon Wong, Chairman of Kampery Group

Mr. Derek Lee, Chairman and CEO of Enrich Culture Group Limited

Mr. Christopher Lau, Future Service Director of SmarTone

Mr. Rainer Sip, Operation Director of the Baby Kingdom

Mr. Eric Chiang, Founder of Gufahbakery

Mr. Simon Lee, Co-founder of the Lion Rock Institute

Mr. Stephen Wong, Adjunct Lecturer of Chinese University of Hong Kong for the master program of the Global Political Economy

Dr. Kevin Lau, President of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute

Mr. Albert Lai, CEO of Carbon Care Asia

Mr. Edmond Lau, Police Clinical psychologist

Mr. Pong Po Lam, Managing Director of Pegausus Fund Manager Limited

Mr. Francis Mak, President of Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Ip Kin Yuen, Member of Legislative Council (Education)

Mr. Raymond Yim, Founder of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Incubation Center Limited

Dr. Tik Chi Yuen, Director of Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service Department

Mr. Kee Chi Hing, Honorary board director of Fullness Christian Vocation Training Center and member of the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee under Home Affair Bureau.

The “2013 Academic Week” received a large number of positive responses from students. Students took this precious opportunity to communicate with guests through interactive sharing and reflections, which they have been enriched. Guest speakers have encouraged students to be perseverant and creative, value environmental protection, concern about corporate social responsibilities, understand wealth management and achieve self-improvement through enhancing the ability of emotions control. Besides, faced with the constant changes of business and economic environment, one of our speakers has said: “preparedness ensures success, and unpreparedness spells failure”, so to encouraged students to expand the horizons of views and enhance individual competitiveness to make sure that we can bravely go upstream in the torrents and thus being outstanding.

A weeklong “2013 Academic Week” has already successfully finished with the closing ceremony on 25th October 2013.

Source: November Issue 2013

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