Conversion programmes:189 graduates


The conferment of Bachelor’s degrees on the 189 students who successfully completed Conversion Programmes took place on 6 and 7 December 2012 during the 38th Graduation Ceremony of Hong Kong Shue Yan University in the Lady Lily Shaw Hall at the University’s North Point campus.

The Bachelor’s degrees were conferred by Dr. Henry Hu, President of the University.

The graduates were from five Conversion programmes, including: 69 from Psychology, 55 from Social Work, 34 from Sociology, 27 from English Language and Literature, and 4 from Counselling and Psychology.

Mr. Ip Chong Chi, who works as the Centre-In-Charge of the Hong Kong Mutual Encouragement Association, graduated with an Honours Diploma in Counselling & Psychology in 2003. Since his graduation, Mr.Ip has continued to study part-time while working during the day. He first completed a Bachelor’s degree in Management at the University of Hong Kong, and another Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at City University of Hong Kong in order to become a qualified social worker. In 2010, he decided to take the Conversion Programme in Counselling & Psychology at his alma mater – Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

Mr. Ip explained that the knowledge he had learnt from the Counselling & Psychology Conversion Programme was totally different from what he had learned in social work – it was a pretty special area, covering theoretical knowledge and the analysis of cases.

Mr. Ip did not agree with the general preconception that Shue Yan’s facilities and resources were not as good as other universities in Hong Kong. In his view, “even though the facilities of our campus are not so perfect, they facilitated our study and helped to build up closer relationships among the classmates, which other universities may not be able to do.”

Mr. Ip conveyed a sincere message to his fellow students: “The most important thing is our efforts.”

Mr. Ip Chong Chi

Mr. Ip Chong Chi

Ms. Lam Man Wai, a flight attendant who graduated from the Department of Counselling & Psychology in 2005, attended the Ceremony with her family and her 2-year-old daughter. She stated that to take care of her job, her family and schooling was a daunting task to her. The nature of her job and the problems she encountered in taking care of her child had prompted her to further her study of Psychology. Thus, in 2009, she decided to go back to Shue Yan and complete the Conversion Programme in Psychology.

Ms. Lam mentioned that during her study, she found that it was hard to manage her time well among different tasks, working in daytime, taking care of her family, and doing school work. She had once thought of giving up, but once she thought of graduation, she chose to persist and to continue her study.

Ms. Lam hoped that fellow students could try their best and study hard, and the most important thing was to enjoy their university life. “All along, school life was the happiest and most memorable experience, with little pressure and professors would always show their understanding for our students.”


Ms. Lam Man Wai with her husband and 2-year-old daughter

Source: December Issue 2012

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