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Miss Fung Hoi Yin (left) and Miss Lam Hoi Wai (right) received their certificates from President Dr. Henry Hu.

The President’s List Ceremony is held each year in order to recognize students who have attained a GPA of 3.5 or above. This year, 70 students received their certificates. Miss Fung Hoi Yin (Year 4, History) and Miss Lam Hoi Wai (Year 4, Counselling and Psychology) have been on the List every year for the past three years, and Miss Fung Hoi Yin also got the highest annual GPA in her own department.

In a short interview after the ceremony, which was held on 26 October and presided over by Dr. Henry Hu, President of the University, these two outstanding students shared some insights into the way they study and manage their time.

Asked what has driven her to attain such outstanding results for the past three years, Hoi Yin said she would love to become an archaeologist in future so she worked hard to get a good GPA in order to secure a place on a Master’s degree programme in a related discipline. “I set a route seriously to achieve my ambition and follow the path. This is what drives me to perform well.”

“Everyone has their own way to study, I don’t think mine can be applied to all students, but you just need to find yours and here’s mine: I need to read out all the words, especially I need to memorize history. I just don’t know whether it is the best way.” Hoi Yin said.

Miss Lam Hoi Wai shares Hoi Yin’s views on the importance of setting goals in university study. “You must be interested in what you are studying, and you will automatically crave for knowledge,” she added.

“Stay focused during lessons. Ask if you don’t understand, your professors would love to explain. Also, keep revising after lectures.” Hoi Wai said.

For relaxation, they both recommend working out as working up a sweat helps to calm down their mind.

Apart from study, enjoying school life is what they have always paid attention to.

Hoi Yin said she does not want to have any regrets after graduation, therefore, she has joined various university events and activities with her classmates.

“I find myself enjoying and loving Shue Yan much more after participating in various activities organized by the Office of Students Affairs, especially being a helper in the Open Day and attending career talks and workshops,” said Hoi Yin.

Hoi Yin also knows how to manage her time. She was once a tutor at an education centre and when she found that she could not balance campus life and work commitments, she resigned. “When I found that I could not manage to follow the schedule of the centre, I changed to become a private tutor. Being a private tutor can easily suit my schedule.” Miss Fung said.

Like Hoi Yin, Hoi Wai also did not want to devote all her time and energies to study, so she joined the Hok Yau Club, a volunteer organization giving education support mainly to secondary students, as a counselor. Her main duty is to take phone calls and give advice to students.

“This kind of voluntary work can also pave the way for me to become a professional counselor in the future.” Hoi Wai said.

Both Hoi Yin and Hoi Wai will graduate in the coming year. They expect to graduate with good honours. It is clear that they know how to achieve their goals.

Source: November Issue 2012

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