SYU admitted 1340 freshmen fiercer competition for places this year

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Mr. Cheung said there were 6,227 applicants this year, giving an application to admission ratio of 4.6:1, compared to last year’s ratio of 4:1.

Hong Kong Shue Yan University admitted 1,340 freshmen this academic year, 24 more than last year. There were 6,227 applicants, giving an application to admission ratio of 4.6:1, compared to last year’s ratio of 4:1.

Associate Administrative Vice-President and Senior Registrar Mr. Cheung Kwok Ping reported that the number of applicants increased by 870 (16.3%) this year compared to last year. The most popular degree programme is still the BA Hons in Journalism and Mass Communication, with 1,183 applicants. The BBA Hons took second place, with 995 applicants. However, competition for places was fiercest in the Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) where only 43 out of 596 applicants were admitted, a ratio of 14:1. One hundred and sixty-five of the 1,183 applicants were admitted to the BA Hons in Journalism and Mass Communication, a ratio of 7.2:1. In third place is the BA Hons in Chinese Language & Literature, only 75 out of 425 applicants were admitted, with a ratio of 5.7:1.

The number of Associate Degree graduates and Mainland students admitted to SYU degree programmes has decreased this year. Of the 384 Associate Degree students who applied, only 29 were admitted, 11 fewer than last year; while 49 out of 253 candidates from the Mainland were enrolled, also 11 fewer than last year. Mr. Cheung explained that as there is no waiting list for Mainland students, it is more difficult to achieve a specific target enrollment.

Among the seven degree programmes which accept Mainland students, the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) and the BA Hons in Economics and Finance have admitted the most Mainland students, with 18 and 14 respectively, accounting for 64% of all the Mainland students admitted by the University this year.

Looking forward, the 2012 – 2013 academic year will see the “Double Cohort” enter higher education. Both Form 6 graduates of the new Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) and Form 7 HKAS Level holders will apply for undergraduate degree programmes. Mr. Cheung confirmed that while the number of applicants is expected to be higher again next year, the University does not plan to increase its intake numbers significantly.


Source: October Issue 2011

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