Student societies hold activities to celebrate Shue Yan’s 40th anniversary

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Dr. Henry Hu, President of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, made his handprint on the Handprint Watercolour Wall erected by the 40th Anniversary Student Activities Committee.

In the academic year 2011-2012, Hong Kong Shue Yan University is celebrating its 40th anniversary. While there wil be events and activities held by the University over the course of the year, there will also activities held by student societies to celebrate the milestone. The opening ceremony of the student activities was held on the 20th September at the Braemar Hill campus.

Dr Henry Hu, President of the University, Dr Chung Chi Yung, Principal of the University, the Vice-Presidents and Associate Vice-Presidents, Dean of Student Affairs, Heads of Departments and representatives of student societies attended the ceremony, each of whom made their handprints on the Handprint Watercolour Wall.

Mr Marco Ip, Chairperson of the 40th Anniversary Student Activities Committee, said, “The preparation work kicked off in June and that the committee members are from different departments. In order to get more students to participate, we have organized some brand-new activities, such as a dodgeball competition, which will be held in September. In the 35th Anniversary Plaza, students can also find the ‘Blessing to Shue Yan Wall’ where they can post cards on the wall to show their regard for and gratitude to Shue Yan.”

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Mr Marco Ip (middle), Chairperson of the 40th Anniversary Student Activities Committee, hopes students take part in the celebrating activities.

Marco hopes students take part in the celebrating activities and build a deeper sense of belonging of Shue Yan.

Among the series of events held by the University, the 40th Anniversary Cocktail Party, which will be held on 10th December at Lady Lily Shaw Hall and the 35th Anniversary Plaza, is a distinctive event which will involve staff, alumni and friends of the University.

“We expect there will be 500 to 600 participants attending the cocktail party. Current students can participate in the event as ‘ambassadors’, welcoming our guests and introducing the history, current developments and future plans of University to the guests.” Ms Sophia Yip, Dean of Student Affairs said.

In addressing the opening ceremony, Dr Henry Hu urged students to act with benevolence and to serve the society. He also encouraged staff and students to do more for the development of the University.

In her speech in the ceremony, Ms Yip encouraged students to live up to the lyrics of the University’s anthem – “caring not only about self, but also the community”.

Source: October Issue 2011

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