Novel Scientific Contributions by SRS Consortium for Advanced Study in Cooperative Dynamic Games


The SRS Consortium is a joint research initiative for advanced study in dynamic cooperation under the auspices of the Department of Business Administration of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Karelia Institute of Applied Mathematics Research of Russian Academy of Sciences and the Center of Game Theory of St Petersburg State University.

The Consortium has made two novel scientific contributions in cooperative dynamic games this year.

(1) Subgame-consistent Solutions for Cooperative Stochastic Dynamic Games

An analytically tractable payoff distribution procedure leading to the realization of subgame consistent solutions in discrete-time cooperative stochastic dynamic games is established.

(2) Dynamically Consistent Cooperative Solutions in Differential Games

with Asynchronous Players’ Horizons

A solution technique for deriving dynamically consistent solution in cooperative differential games with asynchronous players’ horizons and uncertain types of future players is presented.

These contributions are expected to provide solutions to current business and social problems involving discrete-time data, asynchronous players’ horizons and uncertain types of future players.

From: March Issue 2011

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